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Foshan Feilan Projection Technology Electronics Factory, LGHPETO is our own brand.
We are a professional LCD projector supplier with more than 10 years of experience, focusing on providing LCD projector OEM/ODM services for the world's leading brands.

Our goal is to be an industry-leading global supplier focused on developing and manufacturing high-quality LCD projectors for home, business, teaching, hospitality, artistic creation, and more.

Design is our soul. Unique and beautifully designed products bring added value to our customers.
​​​​​Quality is our culture. We strictly implement the quality assurance management system.
We are an engineering-driven company with multiple engineers.
​​​​​​​We are doers, problem solvers and figure-it-outers.

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Feilan Projection Technology Electronics Factory is an LCD projector manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, focusing on providing LCD projector OEM/ODM/OBM services to leading global brands.

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