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Common operating systems for projectors

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In order to cater to the use of global consumers, there are currently three mainstream versions of LCD projectors on the market, and different versions of the projectors have different functions. This article will introduce the difference between Three System Versions for LCD Projectors.

  • Android version: Android smart projector refers to the LCD projector with built-in Android system. When the Android system is built into the LCD projector, its performance should be the same as that of the Android phone (except for the phone function). In addition to the projection function, the Android projector also has all the functions of the Android system. It can be said that the Android version of the LCD projector is currently the most fully functional projector.

  • Wireless projection version: Compared with the Android version, it only retains the wireless projection function and Bluetooth function. The LCD projector with reduced functions is easier to operate, and of course the cost will decrease accordingly.

  • Multimedia version: Its function is equivalent to that of a traditional business projector, and it only has the display function, so it must be used with an external signal source.

Android versionSame screen version Multimedia version
SystemAndroid SystemWireless same screen SystemLinux System
Keystone CorrectionElectric four-way correctionElectric four-way correctionManual Vertical Calibration
Wifi SupportYesYesNo
Bluetooth SupportYesYesNo
Multi-screen interactiveYesYesNo

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