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How to test the brightness of projector?

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The international standard unit for LCD projector brightness is ANSI lumens. Its calculation method is to take the average of the illuminance at the nine points in the center of the nine-square grid, and then multiply it by the area of the projector. which is:

Brightness = average illuminance * area

There are a variety of factors that can affect the results of an LCD projector brightness test. Therefore, we must do some preparations before testing.

  • Preparation

1. Test environment: dark room (environmental illumination is less than 1 lux)

2. Test tools: tape measure, light meter

3. Test conditions: The projector to be tested should be turned on and warmed up for more than 30 minutes


  • Test process

1. Measure and record the length and width of the projection screen with a tape measure (unit: M)

2. Use an illuminance meter to measure and record the illuminance of nine points in the center of Jiugongge (unit: LUX or Lm/m2)

3. Calculate the brightness of the LCD projector (unit: ANSI LM)

4. Repeat the above steps 2-3 times to take the average value of the data

The above is how to test the brightness of LCD projectors. Of course, we not only need to compare data, but it is also important to use eyeballs to judge.

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