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How to use LCD projector in the right way?

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Mastering the performance of LCD projectors and learning how to use them correctly will help you plan the marketing of LCD projectors. In this article, I will explain where LCD projectors can be used and how to use them correctly.

Home (living room, bedroom, study, balcony, basement, etc.)

As a necessary electrical appliance in the family, television has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, with the popularization of modern Internet technology and mobile phones, more and more people choose to play with mobile phones in their free time, so the usage rate of watching TV is getting lower and lower.

With the continuous development of home projectors, more and more LCD projectors appear in the home environment, and when decorating houses and buying furniture, many users will consider using LCD projectors instead of TVs.


1. Bring a better viewing experience

2. The price is very attractive

3. Easy to use and operate

4. More suitable for young users

5. The body is small and compact, which can be used in more household use scenarios. For renters who often move, it is more flexible to carry.

Hotel/B&B (Room)

In the past, people regarded hotels as places for rest and dining, and of course the main function was accommodation. At present, the types of hotels include not only large star hotels, but also many small hotels, homestays, and youth hostels. In terms of functions, they are all similar, but in terms of specific services provided, there is a big gap.

As the mainstream output device of film and television, TV seems to be farther and farther away from our lives. Now that the Internet is highly developed, TV is no longer a must for video output.

From the operator's point of view, renovating or designing rooms with large-screen projection intelligent systems has gradually become the new mainstream in the hotel industry.


1. The homogenization of hotel rooms is serious

2. Consumer experience satisfaction is higher

3. The equipment price is relatively low

4. Create hotel features

Business office (small conference room)

There are large and small enterprises of different sizes in the society. The projector is one of the essential equipment for their business office, but the choice of projector has become a tangled problem for small enterprises.

If you use a traditional business office conference projector (DLP/3LCD)

1. The price is high and the idle rate is high.

2. The fixed seat makes it impossible to hold meetings anytime and anywhere

3. Must rely on professional and technical personnel to debug and maintain

4. Does not support "just needed" functions such as wireless projection

All of these make the traditional business office conference projection, which is no longer suitable for the current mainstream office needs. The LCD projector can be said to perfectly solve the above problems of traditional business office conference projection.

Education and training

Training institutions are divided into government and private. For example, schools, government agencies, hospitals, etc. belong to the government category. The private categories are extensive and include hobby training, skill training, religious gatherings, and more.

The main market for LCD projectors is private training institutions. It is more likely to be recognized by this type of customers because of its high cost performance, multi-function, and easy installation and use.

artistic creation

The times are progressing, and young artists have already proficiently used various electronic products for artistic creation, and LCD projectors are also one of their important tools.

1. Use the light, color, and image projected by the LCD projector to shoot images and videos.

2. Import the painting data, and use the LCD projector to project the image onto the drawing paper to copy the pattern.

gift market

Gift buyers purchase a wide range of categories, and digital electronics and small home appliances are popular. Compared with traditional craft gifts, LCD projectors are more fashionable and contemporary, especially popular among young people.

Continuous innovation of the LCD projector itself is the key condition for its broad development prospects. With the increasing development of science and technology, more and more novel LCD projectors have been developed and manufactured, and these LCD projectors have the texture required for gifts. , but also has full practicability. Perhaps it is this favorable time and place that has gradually made LCD projectors the focus of the gift market and favored by consumers.

How to use it correctly?

The use of LCD projectors involves 3 elements: space, power and network.


The installation of projection is a technology, which not only ensures the projection effect, but also ensures the comfort of watching movies. Therefore, before the design and installation, the necessary calculation and analysis of the space should be carried out.

Step 1: Calculate the optimal width of the screen (the width of the screen affects the effect and comfort, too small has no effect, too large is uncomfortable)

The horizontal distance between the human eye and the screen is k (cm), and the optimal screen width is bf (cm).


Step 2: Use the optimal width to obtain the optimal projection screen size

1 inch = 2.54 cm
4:3(inch) Diagonal (cm) Long side (cm) Short side (cm)
60 152.4 121.92 91.44
65 165.1 132.08 99.06
70 177.8 142.24 106.68
75 190.5 152.4 114.3
80 203.2 162.56 121.92
85 215.9 172.72 129.54
100 254 203.2 152.4
120 304.8 243.84 182.88
150 381 304.8 228.6

16:9(inch) Diagonal (cm) Long side (cm) Short side (cm)
60 152.4 132.83 74.72
65 165.1 143.9 80.94
70 177.8 154.97 87.17
75 190.5 166.04 93.4
80 203.2 177.1 99.62
85 215.9 188.17 105.85
100 254 221.38 124.53
120 304.8 265.66 149.43
150 381 332.07 186.79

Step 3: Calculate the installation distance of the projector

Projection distance = screen width * throw ratio

According to the above calculation, the correct LCD projector installation scheme can be obtained

power supply

The power supply of the LCD projector must be mains, the voltage is 100V-240V, and the frequency is 50Hz/60Hz. The connection distance should be within 2 meters.

The internet

The LCD projector is equipped with a network cable interface and a wifi module. Using the network cable interface will be relatively stable and fast.

Internet speed requirements:

1. Theoretical calculation

Resolution corresponding to 4K content: 3840*2160

The transmission rate required for 4K content: 3840*2160*8*3*60≈12 Gbps

Transmission rate required for 4K content (after H.265 standard compression): 12~40 Mbps

2. Actual value

1) Transmission rate in field tests of 4K content in various countries: 17.5~35 Mbps (under H.265 compression standard)

2) Netflix 4K: ≥20 Mbps (under H.265 compression standard)

3) Youtube 4K: ≥25 Mbps (under VP9 compression standard)

Therefore, to ensure the network fluency of the LCD projector, it is best to be equipped with a network above 15Mbps.

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